A common method of loading by sea

1.bulk: non-mainstream transport, but the profit is very large, it mainly involves are low value products, the main import commodities are: coal, ore sand, grain, fertilizer, feed, barley and other products, export coke, bauxite and other products. It is usually carried in bulk.

2.Container transport: the emergence of container is a milestone in the development history of maritime transport. It changed the world of trade. Its specifications are mainly 20GP, 40GP, 40HC in addition to refrigeration, frame, open top, fuel tank. 20GP is a TEU, which means that each port has more TEU.

Each container of the shipping company will have a container number, the first four letters followed by seven Arabic numerals, such as AMSU4567898. When the containers are loaded, they are sealed with lead supplied by the shipping company and each seal is numbered. The lead seal will be damaged once the case is opened, so it is easy to distinguish the responsibility for the loss of the goods. As long as the shipping company to the designated place, to ensure that the seal intact, even if the completion of the task. Container loading shall be carried by special container ships, the carrying capacity of the mother ship is generally 2000-6000 TEU, and that of the barge is generally 200-400 TEU. (barges are called subships or boats, and mother ships are called ships or seamen.) each ship has a specific name.