International shipping agency services

Topasia Logistics is a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) approved by the Ministry of Transportation of the People's Republic of China,
a member of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) and the International Logistics Provider Alliance.

We offer whole-process logistics and transportation services from major ports in China and major trading countries and regions in the world and Southeast Asia to the whole world,

and we respond to various shipping challenges with efficient, reliable, and flexible logistics services. Our services include:

Shipping container agency

Our FCL shipping services, while ensuring sufficient space, preferential prices, and reliable transportation punctuality, shine a light on the transportation journey to meet demands for an efficient supply chain operation. We’ve customize shipping related products around shipping agency services by combining resources and digital means to cater to diverse customer needs.

Whole-process transportation products:through the integration of domestic and foreign service resources and shipping companies’ capacities, we are a provider of door-to-door transportation solutions, and can realize digital cargo tracking.

Quality routes: Southeast Asia routes and North America routesWe have set up a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries in Southeast Asia and North America, and have reached cooperative agreements with strategic shipping companies to make route service products available to customers and preferable in both price and space.Strategic partner ship-owners: ASL, SML, CUL, HMM, COSCO, OOCL, KMTC, MCC, RCL, IAL, EMC, KM, TC, WHL, NBOS, SITC, YML, ONE, ZIM, HPL, YML, BAL, and more.

Booking products:The booking platform covers major Chinese and overseas export ports, and is directly connected to the information systems of major shipping companies around the world to offer efficient, fast, and accurate booking services.

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Bulk cargo shipping agency

Gathering the capabilities of the entire network and integrating its advantageous resources, we provide customers with full-process products and customized solutions to build a bulk cargo logistics service platform for subdivided industries. Working closely with shipowners and ports at home and abroad, we are also known for shipping agency services for liquid bulk cargo, dry bulk cargo, break-bulk cargo, and more.

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International air freight agency services

In the air import and export sector, we have a rich network that at home and abroad, and have established stable strategic partnerships with major airlines,
key overseas agents, and domestic upstream and downstream logistics service providers.

By controlling the trunk line capacity and key airport ground service resources domestically and internationally,

we are able to serve customers with customized solutions and comprehensive supply chain services that cover the entire supply chain, based on air freight needs.


Industry-based logistics services


Logistics for renewable
resource projects

Our all-inclusive and whole-process logistics services stand out by transporting waste plastics from Europe and the United States to Southeast Asia, and renewable resource products from Southeast Asia to China. In this process, we undertake the exporting, customs declaration, shipping of the waste plastics from Europe and the United States, customs declaration and transportation of the waste plastics imported into Southeast Asia, the exporting, customs declaration, and shipping of recycled materials from Southeast Asia, as well as importing, customs declaration, and transportation at domestic ports.

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Cold chain logistics

By virtue of our rich overseas network resources, we’ve occupied a leading position in this field, with an efficient and professional cold chain logistics system that seamlessly connects producers and consumers. By relying on professional qualifications, our immense experience, and positive port relations for import customs declarations, we boost the efficiency of import customs declarations and reduce operating costs for customers, while empowering customers with the most optimized one-stop cold chain service solutions to achieve a quick delivery of fresh products.

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Logistics for project

With professional whole-process logistics solutions, meticulous transportation route surveys, and strong overseas operation capabilities, we serve customers in the design and implementation of one-stop project engineering logistics solutions. Our service categories encompass engineering, steel, vehicles, bulk and miscellaneous items, major items, and factory relocations

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