American line knowledge popular science paste

1. What is FMC?

FMC, also known as the Federal Maritime Commission, is the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission, the official organization that oversees all international shipping within and to the United States.

2. What is CBP?

CBP, also known as U.S. Customs and Border Protection, collects tariffs and enforces U.S. trade, Customs and immigration laws. It is a federal enforcement agency of the department of homeland security.

3. What's the difference between Demurrage and Detention?

Demurrage refers to the overdue charge for storage of containers that are stranded in the dock or yard for a period exceeding the free storage period. Detention refers to the Detention fee for containers that have been removed but are not returned within the free container period stipulated by the shipping company.

4. What if I need to clear the customs at the unloading port of the United States in advance for the inland goods in the United States?

For the inland goods in the United States, the customer may choose to clear the customs at the unloading port of the United States and settle the customs formalities in advance. The customer can apply to our company after the ship leaves, and clear the customs at the unloading port after getting the confirmation from the agent at the port of destination.

5. What is the weight limit for inland cargo in the United States?

America's roads and railways have strict weight limits and impose heavy surcharges on heavy cargo. Because in the actual transportation process in the United States, there is usually a road and rail connection, so the weight limit requirements to the highway weight limit as the standard.

6. How can I apply for a replacement of the anti-terrorism manifest?

"Counter - terrorism cabin supplement" means the supplement of the single ticket after the whole ship has declared the counter - terrorism manifest and received the receipt of the whole ship. Depending on the shipping schedule, we will meet the customer's request for re-issuing the anti-terrorist shipping space and require the receipt of the pre-shipment receipt 24 hours before the ship's arrival.

7. What if my antiterrorist declaration is rejected?

After the declaration of anti-terrorism, if the product name problem, HOUSE order overdeclaration or failure to declare and other reasons will receive the us customs command not to ship. The accurate information provided by the customer can only be re-released and shipped after being approved by the us customs.