Seven elements of American shipping

There are seven things you need to know about American shipping

1. Service standards

Not only does shipping goods to the United States require meticulous service, but it is also important to provide services when the goods arrive at the port. If the goods do not PROCEED with the customs declarer within 15 days of their arrival at the port, the goods will PROCEED to the G.O. warehouse, where the charges are very high.

2. Qualification of agency

In addition to various shipping companies, all regular freight forwarders engaged in the transportation of American maritime routes must have a freight limited company registered with FMC in the United States and the official code of NVOCC. Otherwise, if any problems occur in the transportation of American maritime routes, they cannot get corresponding legal protection. The first level forwarder is not necessarily a registered member of FMC, so it must be confirmed in advance.

3. Details of the rules

(1) Identify specific shipping destinations Many U.S. shipping customers have warehouses all over the country, so it's important to identify their final shipping destination. In addition, there are many places in the United States with the same place name, such as Washington, which has 4 or 5. The United States is vast and sparsely populated, trailer costs at every turn more than 1000 yuan, so it is critical to identify and divide responsibilities with the merchants.

(2) Large customers in the United States shipping requirements for suppliers to cooperate with the provision of logistics services. The customer often has the requirement that area installs ark, want to pay attention to especially to the goods that sells to foreign supermarket especially, if put order, quantity requirement, the document that accompanies inside container. Deliver the goods on time according to customer's requirements, and track the movement of the container as much as possible. Many foreign customers will require the goods to arrive in the SHIPPNG PERIOD before the specified time, and the delay of the factory may cause a large fine. Therefore, the tracking of goods in logistics is quite critical. Provide documents to foreign countries for customs clearance accurately and timely. Generally speaking, foreign customs clearance time can be 7 days before the arrival of the ship. In many cases, demurrage charges are incurred abroad because of the delay of documents.

(3) Late pick-up charges at the port Demurrage charge: charged by the company, for large customers can be given a certain date of free use. Demurrage charge: to be charged by the terminal of the shipping company.

4. The freight price

Contract prices are used by all freight forwarding companies on the us shipping lines, but not every freight forwarding company has the us shipping line prices, it must have a strong strength to directly sign the us shipping line prices with each shipping company. The role of FMC in the United States is to adjust the shipping prices of all shipping companies in the United States to ensure the interests of American shipping merchants.

5. Restricted rules again

The weight limit here = cargo weight + cabinet weight. The cargo of the American shipping line has very strict requirements on weight. The weight limit is mainly affected by the highway weight limit of the inland points of the United States, generally 17.3 tons for small container and 19.5 tons for large container. However, different ports also have different requirements on weight limit. If a customer requests that overweight cargo be shipped to an inland point in the United States, there are generally several ways to handle it:

(1)Basic port allocation

After unloading at base port, the excess weight is allocated and then transferred separately. Disadvantages: if the inland point to be transferred is far away, the cost is high.

(2)Rail transit to inland point on base terminal

Some shipping companies can offer direct rail access to inland points at the U.S. Marine base terminals. For redelivery to the door, you can use a three-wheeled overweight frame locally, which is about 30 percent more expensive than the average towing fare.

Disadvantages: need to find a shipping company that can provide this service, as well as the inland points that can provide this service, and finally have a good agent in the local area to help arrange the transfer of overweight trailers.

6. Customs clearance rules

(1)The us customs will receive AMS declaration data from the exporting country after the ship leaves.

(2)The local freight forwarding company or customs clearance agent in the United States must receive the required import documents and the shipping company's arrival notice one week before the arrival of the ship.

(3)Apply for import declaration and commodity inspection to the U.S. customs, and submit documents to the shipping company at the port of destination for cargo release.

(4)Deliver the container release certificate to the consignee's trailer or arrange the local agent to deliver it to the warehouse designated by the consignee.

(5)The process of delivering goods TO DOOR: the goods must be delivered when the consignee is ready. the tow company will give the warehouse only 2 hours of loading and unloading time, which is more than charged by the hour. Door-to-door delivery must not allow the goods to exceed the us highway weight limit.

7. Import document requirements

The global H.S. CODE is uniform, but the tariff identification of the United States is troublesome, so the most accurate description of the product name must be provided when confirming the tax.